The First

Demo Album in 2000

01. Holiday (Silverhill version)*
02. You Should Listen
03. Summertime
04. All Memories
05. Clown
06. Holiday_1999
07. Somewhere else
08. People
09. Over The Clouds
10. Keep Being Quiet
11. Maybe
12. Too Close
13. Holiday (SzaboZ verzion)
14. The Word

I started to write music in the same year when I started to learn how to play the piano - I was 11. 8years later I hade the chance to record this album. Later some of the songs got on radio play lists...

vocal, piano(02,14): Peter Polyak
bass: Vígh Arnold
guitar, wood bass: Dajka Krisztián
szax: Czutor Ignác
vocal, violin: Szirtes Edina
keyboards, drum programing, mix: SzabóZé
music, lyrics: Polyák Péter

„We've listen with pleasure to your demo album what you have sent us. Unfortunately this production would be "too nice" for the hungarian ears, so it's likely that it would not have any market for. More power to your elbow!”


Faith Michaels Ft. Camuso ALBUM

vocal recording & remixing producing

see: Amazon

see: Beatport

DMA-Dance Mix Authority wrote: "Faith Michaels makes her clubland debut with “Fetish”. Very much in the vein of Shine’s spoken word over a circuit production “Stimulating & Exciting” from 1999, this one is just as sexy. There are remixes by Twisted Dee, DJ Paulo, J Zuart, and DJ Polyak. Twisted Dee’s mix is very dark and sleazy. DJ Paulo’s tribal take is much more peak hour-ish. J Zuart’s mix is similar in style of Paulo’s mix, but with some interesting builds and drops. DJ Polyak’s mix has an 80′s synthpop undercurrent while remaining tribal. All of these mixes are circuit-oriented. All of the mixes are really good, however, the DJ Polyak one stands out"

Music Video

All the Memories (2004)

director and co-editor : Peter Polyak

editor: beatbybit

Special Thanks For Alexandra Oszter & Újlenyomat Group

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