festmények fényképek secco zene önéletrajz

Some word

The young man, born in 1978, resembles his carrier to colored palette,

His childhood based on competitive sports started to be more about music from day to day, it's no wonder that he grabbed the pencil with the same pace, which he would later change to a paintbrush, after having learnt many years at the school.
Among his renowned schoolmasters like Pal Gerzson, Benjamin Makovecz or Endre Polos. It was Laszlo Patay, who had discovered his talent and took Peter with him to paint churches.
In this way the new apprentice could work with his master on brand new wallpaintings at St. Anna residential churc in Debrecen, at church of Gesztely and twice in the Ball of Szeged.

After 10 years of technician learning experience, Peter still looking for the source of his unconfidence, when he met Matteo Massagrande painting artist. His new painter feel as though with this boost he finally has found a new path in the world of Arts.His results welcomes every interested person.


Hoping for the silent spring the
Beginning of summer ends,
And the wind rages trembling the stillness.
the Sun is shinning outside, inside shadows feel cold,
And the ponderous misty clouds are covered by the fog.

H's difficult to wait lightly minded for the day,
That everybody waits for, that is given,
We should get on wings by breaking the roots,
And by lifting new shrouds to the sky
Let it make new roots into the lick-rocky existence,
And one voice makes it silent
With a single word, that it's over.
At last...


I was 14. Professor Polos taught us not to look for the style, which would make us be different. Let us learn, then everything else will take shape (evolve).
I believe in this even now, when I've finally been able to understand among many things why Master Gerzson instead of teaching us to just paint has showed us the way to see.

Getting to know the multifariousness in the world, I don't deny the fact that there are lots of ways that compulsively make us see things coming from our soul to the surface.
I don't look for the style - not even today - I let myself see as colorful as life prospers and strive to reflect my experiences in my way - the way I live them every day.


translated by Oliver Hajdu


The dome of the Votive Church, Szeged (Szegedi Dom), 2001.