festmények fényképek secco zene önéletrajz

2000 DEMO Disc

01. Féte*
02. You Have To Hear
03. Summertime
04. All The Memoirs
05. Zany
06. You Have To Feel
07. Somewhere More
08. Peolpe
09. Clouds
10. I'm Keep On Quiet
11. Maybe
12. To Close Yet
13. Féte (ART version)
14. The Word

*= 2004. remixing by Arnold Vigh

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vocal, piano (02.,14.): Péter Polyák
bass: Arnold Vígh
guitars, bőgő: Krisztián Dajka
saxofon: Ignác Czutor
vocal, violins: Edina Szirtes
keyboards, drumprograms, editor: SzabóZé
music, lyrics: Péter Polyák

...we don't wanted to create trandy pop music. the attempt was barren of results in 2000:


We harked to your demo with pleasure what you sended to us. This production unfortunately would be "too nice" for the hungarian ears, so it's likely will haven't market.

More power to your elbow!

cd box pic
2006. Maxi CD

01. All The Memoirs - radio version

02. All The Memoirs - Mojito remix

03. All The Memoirs - music video version



ZenePont - Aron Romhanyi

All the instruments - Arnold Vigh

solo piano in the Mojito remix - Aron Romhanyi

vocal and lyrics - Peter Polyak