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Peter Polyak and Romero Britto with the portrait of Romero from Peter.

Wanting list of Collectors:

-HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of Albany, SCO

-HMEH Prince José Cosmelli – Grand Master and Head of the State, ANG

-His Grace Sir George Popper, KGC – Ex. Grand Chancellor of the Sov. Order of Cyprus, HUN

-Her Grace Countess Lady Anna Popper - President of the Admission Board, HUN

-Gyula Horn - President of Hungary (1994-1998), HUN

-Viktor Orban - President of Hungary (1998-2002. 2010-), HUN

-Romero Britto - Most Licenced Artist of Art History, USA

-Bob Esty - Music Producer USA (e.g."Raining Man"), USA

-Dan Barris - President and Chief Art. Officer at Dancers Inc. USA

-Paul Woods - CEO of Algenol, Florida USA

-Lonnie Hansley - Owner at Lonnie Hensley Automotive USA

-Tom Oosterhout - Owner and Publisher at Conch Color USA

-St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Key West, Florida USA

-Fanni Sarkozy - Pianist, Singer, International Jazz Composer Award, USA

-Andras Kakuszi - Owner & CEO at Hotel Szarvas, HUN

-Dorina Galambos - Singer, musician, HUN

-Reka Mihalyi - Singer, musician, Fonogram Music Award, HUN

-Barna Pely - Singer, musicia, Artisjus Song Writer Award, HUN

-Aron Romhanyi - Pianist, musician, International Jazz Award, HUN

-Imre Bajor - Actor, Hungarian Cross of Merit, HUN

-Gabor Harsanyi- Actor, Hungarian Artist Prize, HUN

-Gabor Agardy- Actor, Actor of the Hungarian Nation Award, HUN

-Istvan Bujtor- Actor, director, producer and screenplay writer, Hungarian Cross of Merit, HUN

-Andras Kern- actor, producer, writer,Hungarian Cross of Merit, HUN

-Miklos Jancso- director, screenplay writer, Best Director Award  at the Cannes Film Festival -        for "Red Psalm" in 1972, HUN

-Jozsef Sas - Actor, director at Theatre Mikroszkop,, HUN

-Peter Cseke - Actor, director at Theatre Jozsef Katona,, HUN

-Tibor Fekete - Actor, Actor of the Hungarian Nation Award, HUN

-Sandor Oszter - Actor, Prize Jaszai Mari, HUN

-Alexandra Oszter - Actress, HUN

-Lee Constantine - Dir. of F&B, Doubletree - Hilton, USA

-La Concha Hotel - 430 Duval St, Key West, Florida, USA

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