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Sir Peter Polyak in his studio. In the background Peter's study of Gyula Benczur: Recapture of the Buda Castle in 1686 painting. This piece won the "Grand Prix" Award at the World Exhibition in 1900 in Paris.


"Looking for the way of understanding the world, as our life is a course for all of us... Discovering the unlimited filters of the point of view, faces, feelings, souls, and projections of us is the blast of all the different ways we can possibly find on the limitless path we are meaning to stay on... Or bringing multiplicity in un-limitation by leave the path and even more to be there to discover..."


 A Visual Journey

I was 14 when Professor Polos taught us not to seek a style that would make us different but encouraged us to learn to analyze and synthesize and let everything else evolve naturally. I still believe in this philosophy, especially now that I've finally understood among many things, why Master Gerzson, another teacher of mine, didn't really show us how to paint but taught us how to see. Embracing the diversity in the world, I acknowledge that various factors compel us to perceive things from our souls to the surface. I don't seek a style, not even today. I allow myself to see as vividly as life thrives and endeavor to portray my experiences in my own way—reflections of aspects and emotions.

I first learned to be a graphic designer and realized that there is a limitless number of ways to complete a graphic design. Today, it still drives me crazy to acknowledge that when I "finish" a painting, I haven't closed the journey of that artwork on the canvas. The smallest modified detail could change everything.

This is life...

MIFA Resident Artist 

Peter Polyak is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist residing in Miami. He is primarily known as a figurative painter who skillfully blends acrylics, airbrush techniques, and oil paints. His work explores the ethereal dimensions concealed within the interplay of reflections, inviting viewers to plunge into the enigmatic realm nestled within our perceived reality. Beyond his mastery of traditional painting, Peter also pushes the boundaries of creativity by experimenting with photography, video, and music. His quest is to unveil the extraordinary beauty concealed in the simple luminance of everyday subjects. Peter's art has graced prestigious institutions such as the in Aston Martin Tower Miami, DeRubeis Gallery Key West, the Venezuelan embassy in Budapest, and the Art Camp in Hajós led by Matteo Massagrande, among many others. Notably, his works are proudly held in the collections of esteemed figures, including HRH HMEH Prince José Cosmelli, renowned artist Romero Britto, music legend Bob Esty, and former Hungarian presidents Gyula Horn and Viktor Orban, among others. Peter is currently an artist in residence at the Miami International Fine Arts, where he continues to inspire and create. He holds a bachelor's degree in fine arts education from "Szegedi Tudományegyetem | SZTE Tanárképző Központ" and has also served as a teacher of art at his hometown high school, "Petőfi Sándor Evangélikus Gimnázium.

(by MIFA)

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